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Energy tower

Energy tower

Release time:2017-08-29

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Product introduction

The energy tower uses the heat transfer characteristics of water temperature and air temperature difference. It is a kind of epoch-making substitute product in the winter as a kind of equipment to obtain heat energy from the air and apply it on the cooling tower.

An energy tower is a heat source absorbing device that absorbs heat from the air in a cryogenic environment. The cryogenic potential energy is extracted from the carrier medium below the freezing point, and the heat in the air can be absorbed sufficiently so that the temperature of the medium rises to the ambient temperature, and then the heat is released into the heat exchange device to release heat. The medium can absorb the heat in the air when it flows through the layer; the solution absorber at the top can absorb the volatile and atomized antifreeze in the medium.

Energy tower system is a system with energy saving and carbon reduction as the starting point of the summer, due to the special design of energy efficient cooling tower, play a role, the heat discharged to the atmosphere to realize refrigeration, cooling source for the stable set. In winter, the energy tower system below zero degrees Celsius by freezing medium as the energy carrier, efficient extraction is low temperature and high humidity in the air is low heat, which is the absorption of latent heat and sensible heat in the ambient air, low temperature heat transfer to the environment of low temperature and high temperature heat energy, heating up.

Energy tower as one of the key components of the system, developed by the Redmond sea new energy limited company for many years and accumulate a number of energy tower patent technology. Redmond sea using a special material energy tower packing and patent flow passage design, full uniform flow formed in turbulent regime film, so that the solution can contact air heat, more easily absorb heat from low temperature heat. The sea energy tower adopts anti floating system Redmond patent design of SZ type, and the use of patented multi channel design, effectively reduce the solution and water loss, also make the wind distribution more uniform heat transfer more fully.

The energy tower integrates cooling, ventilation and filtering dust. On the basis of the first generation of products, it has provided a large number of scientific and technological innovations by domestic universities, research institutes, providing technology, research and development, tracking and other support. Re elected a series of water supply, drainage, automatic cleaning, automatic water supply, air duct, wind speed and other electrical components and systems, increasing the technological content of machine parts. Spent more money to develop fifteen year independent anti-aging, high temperature resistant, low temperature resistant, light environmental protection, plastic casing and pulling type dust filter screen. The filter screen can effectively block dust and other industrial impurities and plug the cooling system. The process is more advanced, more stable quality, more beautiful appearance, lighter weight, higher performance price ratio.

The product is easy to install and flexible. If it is installed outside the wall or outside the window, the straight blow type air supply is switched by electric swing, and the effective cooling area is greatly increased; if installed on the roof, the central air conditioner is more installed, and the plurality of rooms can be shared through the air passage.

The sea Redmond energy tower include standard and low noise type, open type and closed type cooling tower tower.

Product features:

1, the use of special manufacturing rolling edge of the channel steel frame, light weight, good strength, all hardware parts are hot-dip galvanized after passivation treatment, has good anti rust, corrosion resistance.

2. Adopting variable petal type nozzle to distribute water. The water pressure is low, the cloth is even, and the water holes of the cloth are not easy to clog. The water distributor is provided with a cover plate to prevent the moss from growing and is used as the service passage.

3, fan speed space warp forward type iron alloy fan, light weight, large volume, low noise, low power consumption and long service life; fan with high hydrostatic pressure angle of the six leaf fan, leaf number, single leaf type force is small, the volume loss is small; the deceleration part adopts imported leather belt. Excellent bearing, first-class quality, low noise, long service life.

4, the motor is closed type cooling tower special motor, waterproof performance is good;

5. The most important component of a heat column in a packing room. Its efficiency depends on the degree of sufficient contact between the cooling water and the air in the packing. The energy tower series material is made of high quality PVC polyethylene. It has a high temperature resistance of 50-60 degrees, aging resistance, good performance and long service life. It adopts T trapezoidal wave packing and has a large coefficient of heat dissipation area.