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Screw type water source heat pump unit

Energy tower heat pump host

Release time:2017-09-02

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Product overview

Energy tower heat pump system is in the air as the heat source heat pump system, from the source tower heat exchange system system, energy tower heat pump units, the building consists of heating and air conditioning system, has been in the surrounding area to the south of Yangtze River and applied, compared to traditional forms of heating and air conditioning, energy saving about 30%.

The sea Redmond energy tower heat pump air conditioning system is suitable for rainy weather conditions, air humidity, cold and wet area. As we all know, the traditional air-cooled heat pump in winter rainy, humid air, wet and cold areas in winter heating when frost is serious, must defrost, heat pump efficiency is low. The energy tower in the humid, cold, air humidity conditions without frost, and can effectively and stably extract below freezing point of relatively high humidity in the air of low-grade thermal energy. Through the advanced sea Redmond energy tower heat pump central air conditioning system, the development and utilization of energy resources inexhaustible in the air, making high grade heat energy utilization, to meet the building of refrigeration in summer and winter heating demand.

The sea Redmond energy tower heat pump unit with its reliable stability and high efficient energy saving and environmental protection advantages favored by the market. Completely solve the limitations of ground source heat pumps, such as groundwater, the state strictly control the use of, and buried energy tower system as a new form, subject to complex geological conditions restrictions. At the same time, the unit can also recover the waste heat of refrigeration operation free of charge, and make people's living hot water economically, so as to improve people's quality of life. The sea Redmond energy tower heat pump technology has attracted much attention.

This series of products is the company's new products for air conditioning and refrigeration industry industry development, the height of surface heat transfer enhanced evaporation tubes, Q235-B, etc. 20 manufacturing high-quality materials, greatly improve the energy efficiency ratio, energy saving.

The energy tower uses the heat transfer characteristics of water temperature and air temperature difference. It is a kind of epoch-making substitute product in the winter as a kind of equipment to obtain heat energy from the air and apply it on the cooling tower. An energy tower is a heat source absorbing device that absorbs heat from the air in a cryogenic environment. The cryogenic potential energy is extracted from the carrier medium below the freezing point, and the heat in the air can be absorbed sufficiently so that the temperature of the medium rises to the ambient temperature, and then the heat is released into the heat exchange device to release heat. The medium can absorb the heat in the air when it flows through the layer; the solution absorber at the top can absorb the volatile and atomized antifreeze in the medium.

Composition of sea Redmond energy tower heat pump systems: sea energy tower heat pump unit, the Redmond sea tower, the Redmond energy control system, the solution of Redmond sea sea cold antifreeze, Redmond exclusive carrier by the end of the circulating water pump, etc..

The sea Redmond energy tower heat pump series unit heat exchanger using anticorrosion composite copper and nickel is currently the most advanced and efficient management (sea water can be used directly), and the evaporator tube plate adopts the composite tube plate (the service life of 20 years), truly corrosion.

The sea Redmond energy tower heat pump series unit product cooling capacity from 300kW to 2000kW, for the user to choose. The utility model can be widely used in hotels, commercial building, office buildings, offices, gymnasiums, hospitals, schools, industrial and mining enterprises, etc., and provides cold (hot) water for central air conditioning systems.

Product features

1, the unit evaporator adopts the most patented technology, full liquid structure design, 20% -30% higher than the ordinary evaporator, full liquid evaporator has excellent heat transfer performance, especially in the case of partial load.

2, choose the world famous brand compressor and double screw compressor, using the most advanced third generation high efficiency 5 to 6 of the rotor tooth spiral gear, helical rotor through the processing of high precision CNC, good balance, little vibration, low noise to improve the thermal efficiency of 10 to 12%, saving 25%.

3, the unit adopts super large liquid crystal display, +PLC programmable microcomputer control system, the unit's various operating parameters can be real-time monitoring and analysis, so that the unit is always in the best running state.

4, fully functional, the unit can not only meet the needs of summer cooling and heating in winter, but also can solve the water supply problem of life or process water, and give full play to the functions of one machine and many functions.